Parx Promo Code 2020 (Sportsbook & Casino): Get Up to in $250 Risk-Free Bet

Join Parx Online with the promo code 2020 and get the latest VIP bonus for sports betting and/or casino game. Enter the Parx Promo Code to get all the available offers. 

Bonus & Offers details
  • Welcome Offer: Get 5,000 virtual credits just for signing up
  • Daily Offers:  3,000 virtual credits every day
  • Real Money Online Casino: Coming Soon

See Xclub for additional details, rules, and regulations. Must be 21 or older to gamble and to participate in any Parx Casino events or promotions.

Additional t&c's apply. 

Expires on: 31-12-2020
Last check: 2 days ago
Bonus & Offers details
  • Welcome Offer: $10 Registration Free Bet + $250 Risk-FREE Bets
  • Daily Promotions: See details on site

Must be physically located in Pennsylvania to use the Free Bet and wager on a device. Cannot be on the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board Self Exclusion or State Exclusion lists to participate in this campaign or wager online.

Additional t&c's apply.

21+ Responsible Gambling in the US. 

Expires on: 31-12-2020
Last check: 2 days ago
parx promo code
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Parx Promo Code (Sportsbook & Casino): Welcome Offers & Promotions

Parx Casino & Sportsbook Offers & PromotionsBonuses for 2020Parx Promo Code (Casino & Sportsbook)
Welcome Offer - Casino Get 5,000 Virtual Credits GET PARX CASINO PROMO CODE
Daily Offers 3,000 Virtual Credits Every Day GET PARX CASINO PROMO CODE
Welcome Offer - Sportsbook $10 Registration Free Bet + $250 Risk-FREE Bets GET PARX SPORTS PROMO CODE
Daily Promotions See Details on Site GET PARX SPORTS PROMO CODE

How to Register on Site: Key Information

It’s very easy to create an account at Parx Casino. All you need to do is first visit the website. Then you need to select the three lines in the top right corner. The menu will pop up. You then should select the sign-up section. Finally, you will need to write the personal details that the casino needs to know about you. After this, you will be able to finalize the process and with this, you will be the owner of an account at Parx Casino. You can now begin to use this account for playing the games at Parx Casino. So, the entire process of registering an account at Parx Casino is very simple and easy to execute. In most cases, it shouldn’t take you any more than a few minutes from the beginning to the end of the sign-up process.

Bonuses: Get Up to $250

parx online bonus

Parx Casino offers some exciting bonuses for players. However, the fact remains that there aren’t many bonuses. If you wish to get the full details about any current and upcoming promotional offers, you should check out the promotions section on the website. For the sake of reference, we will mention some of the bonuses here.

  • Parx Casino Welcome Offer: Get 5,000 virtual credits just for signing up

    • Welcome You will be able to get 5,000 virtual credits just for signing up.
    • If you log in on a daily basis, you will be able to get 3,000 virtual credits every day.
    • There are leaderboards of the most loyal players – the more you play, the higher up you will climb. You can get a prize of 250,000 virtual points if you’re at the very top.
  • Parx Sportsbook Welcome Bonus: $10 Registration Free Bet + $250 Risk-FREE Bets

    • Parx is offering new members a huge welcome package. Begin with a $10 Free Bet – no deposit required – simply for registering an account with Parx. That's not all! Get a Risk Free Bet up to $250 with your first deposit if you first settled bet loses.

These are the most important bonuses that you can get at Parx Casino. We hope that the owners of this casino will invest some money in creating new and exciting bonus offers. This will likely help them attract players from all around the world. For now, these bonuses are the only bonuses that you can get at Parx. Remember to enter the Parx Promo Code 2020.

Bonus Terms: What Players Need to Know 

The bonuses have their own terms and conditions. When it comes to the first bonus, the promotion can be used only once per player. Once you complete the sign-up process, you will be rewarded with 5,000 virtual credits. These credits are non-transferable.

The daily basis promotion can be used once every calendar day. The size of the bonus credits that you can get in this way increases steadily as you log in on consecutive days. The more days you string up in this way, the bigger the reward will be. For the first five days, the reward is 500 virtual credits. From day 24 onwards, you will get 3000 virtual credits. If you fail to string multiple days together, then the counter will reset to day one.

If you wish to climb higher on the leaderboard for the third promotion, you will need to play slot games. Only slot games will bring you points for this leaderboard – you won’t get any points by playing any other games. The more you play, the more points you will get.

If you want to learn more about the terms and conditions, you should visit the promotion page on the website – there you can read all you need. There you will find all the information about the bonus terms and conditions. It’s recommended that you read them out in order to find out how best you can use the bonuses on the website.

FAQ: Key Information to Keep in Mind 

Is the website legal?

Parx Casino is the biggest casino in the state of Philadelphia. It’s licensed under its governing rules and is completely legal. The same can be said about the online Parx casino. The website is completely reliable and no backhanded shady activities have been registered in the past concerning it.

How to withdraw my money?

In order to withdraw your money from the website, you will need to initiate the process first. This goes after you have selected your preferred withdrawal method. All you need to do is click the withdrawal button on the page of your account. And with this, you will initiate the process. It may take some time to get the money though – this will be dependent on the method that you will select for withdrawing your money. However, you will usually get the money in a few days.

Can I use promo codes?

Parx Casino online doesn’t feature the use of promotional codes. This may seem like a detriment to some people that really wish to get some extra bonuses with this method. However, for now, you won’t be able to find and use any promotional codes whatsoever at Parx Casino online. We hope that this will change in the near future and that players will be able to use promo codes for getting some nice prizes.

Promotions for existing players

The bonus offer of getting 5,000 for signing up – is something that only new players can get. You can only use this offer once. However, the other bonuses can be used by the existing players as well. So, all of the bonuses on the website can be used by existing players except for the sign-up bonus.

Quality of the Parx Online platform

Gaming Experience

As is usually the case, the ergonomy at Parx Casino is on the highest level. Everything that you need to find is well within reach. What we would want out of this website is to be a bit flashier – as, currently, it’s a bit stale. However, there is no doubt that, strictly speaking about the ergonomy, the website is of high quality.

Games – no live gaming

parx online games

It goes without saying that the players will be interested in learning more about the games at Parx Casino. Well, this is one of the biggest casinos in Pennsylvania. It means that there will be many games that you can play here. First of all, there are many different slot games. You can play literally hundreds of these games on this website. A simple scroll-through on the website’s slot section will give you all the information you need about the slot games at this casino.

You can also play some of the classic table games at Parx Casino. You can play blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and many others. There’s videopoker and even Keno. However, if there is something that this website misses in the field of gaming – it’s the opportunity to do live gaming. There is no live gaming platform for the players.


All of the slot games are designed in a unique way. This means that all of them have their very own return to player rates (RTP). The higher this rate – the lower the casino’s advantage over the player. Typically, most slot games have an RTP rate of around 95%. The other games are classic casino games with their own probabilities. There are no differences in the odds between two roulette games at different casino – the games are completely randomized. As a player, it’s your job to pick what odds you would favor while you play.

Customer service

Parx Casino is known for giving the players the maximum when it comes to customer satisfaction. So, you will find a pretty high-level customer service at this online casino. You will very much feel at home. So, long story short – there is a high level of customer service at Parx.

Banking options


There are a few deposit methods that can be used for making deposits on this website. These are MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and GAN. There are no deposit fees that you will need to pay for making deposits. Also, the money will be deposited instantly which means that you can begin playing immediately upon making the deposit.


These same methods can also be used for making withdrawals. However, for some methods, you will need to pay some fees in order to use them. Also, the withdrawal time isn’t instant. You may have to wait for several days before you’re granted the money.

Customer support

If you want to contact the customer support team at Parx Casino, then you can do so in one of several ways. The first way is by writing an email to [email protected]. You can also go and call them directly at 1-888-LUV-PARX. Both methods are equally effective and will get you the answers that you want.



People are most likely to be interested in the Parx Casino mobile application. Well, this application is available for Android and iOS. This means that if you own one of these devices, you can use this application, hassle-free. There are many useful features that you can use as a player with this application. First of all, you can now bet on the go through your mobile device. All you need is to have access to the internet. Then, there are also many unique bonuses that you won’t be able to find if you use the regular website. Also, a great thing is that the website features a stable design. You won’t have any problems with crashes or delays. So, if you want to bet on the go, then we suggest that you immediately download the Parx Casino mobile application for Android and iOS.

Mobile website

Of course, there’s the mobile website for those of you that don’t want to or can’t download and install the mobile app. The good thing is that the mobile website looks like the original. It feels like the original. So, you won’t have any problems with transitioning from the main website to the mobile website. Everything will run smooth. But again, if you’re after the best possible gambling experience on the go – then you should definitely download and install the mobile application for Android or iOS.


parx online

There are hundreds of online casinos where people from all around the world go. Online gambling has risen to be a very popular form of gambling. That being said, new websites and online casinos are being designed even as you’re reading this article. One of the prominent online casinos is Parx Casino. You will get to learn more about this casino down below. We will cover some important subjects such as the legality of the casino and the games that you can play there

The lack of any great bonus offers makes us hesitant to go out of our way to promote the use of this casino’s services. We hope that in the near future this casino will share many new promotions with the players. However, everything else is on a high level. The games that you can play in this casino are fantastic. You will get a wonderful experience playing them. Moreover, the atmosphere is very friendly and forthcoming. Parx online casino is one of the best online places where you can play gambling games. But, in the end, you should try the casino out and see what it’s about. You can do this immediately by making a little deposit and seeing if you will like the website and casino.

Top 3 alternatives to the operator

  1. Play MGM– fantastic bonus offers. This is a gambling and sports betting operator that works predominantly in Eastern Europe. There are many great bonus offers that can be found on this online casino. Be sure to check the promotions tab for more useful information about all the bonuses at 1xbet.
  2. SugarHouse Casino – great games. The Parx Casino games list isn’t really bad, but if you want to play some of the best gambling games – we suggest you check out SugarHouse Casino. Again – the drill for you should be to visit the casino itself and see the games that you can play there.
  3. Borgata – great tradition and atmosphere. This is one of the oldest online casinos on the internet. It’s a pioneer in the field and many people use its services. That being said, if you’re after the best online gambling atmosphere – then you can try playing at Borgata casino.

Validity period of the Parx Promo Code: 2020

Last update : January 2020

Parx Promo Code 2020 (Sportsbook & Casino): Get Up to in $250 Risk-Free Bet
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